It’s a lot…and that is wonderful! The sheer amount of content and ideas has led me to approach this like a master class that I need to schedule time for.

There are many people on YouTube who share ideas about gardening and farming but sorting good content from the bad can be exhausting. This access to a list of interviews curated by Richard is absolutely worth every cent…and I’m saying that after only two weeks of content!

I have so many ideas already that I want to put into action that will help me become a better farm business owner!

In addition to the interviews, the online community has been a great place to share ideas and get feedback on things (again, this is after only two weeks…I can’t wait to see how the community grows even more in quality conversation moving forward)!!



I jumped at the chance to see what was on offer for Farm Like a Hero – after all, Richard’s channel already offers so much content for free it would have to be good right?

Already, the excitement in the community and the depth and quality of the videos has galvanized so many ideas and plans for me. I can’t wait to see it grow, and see all of the exciting things that I’m sure the community will get up to.

There are so many products and courses online in this space (at least that’s what it seems like), it can be hard to decide where to focus. Richard’s material – book, and now courses – are so far the only things which I’ve jumped whole hog into, with zero trepidation to start, and zero regrets!

It’s honestly great value with the content and community platform you’ve provided already.



Seeing Ridgedale’s and Richard Perkins’ ideas and concepts applied by a wide range of people to a wide range of situations gives a much deeper appreciation of the validity and value of those ideas and concepts, than just watching the Ridgedale videos would, no matter how awesome and valuable those are.

It’s something else altogether to see them applied by actual people who are not Richard, seeing what they took from it and how they adapted it to their situation, and the success they’ve had with them.



As someone who is not about to take on multiple enterprises, I feel a little overwhelmed, but there is scope for everyone at all levels. I love the inclusivity of this platform.

I have been following Richard for well over a year and now to have the extra experiences and wealth of knowledge from the Heroes is really special. My only problem is keeping up with all the input!



I have been listening to a lot of farming related Podcasts and YouTube videos over the last couple of years. What I like about Richard is that he is focused on “how-to” and special insights like business numbers that is very rare out there.. and now we have 70+ interviews Perkins style… GREAT!

The community that is forming on Facebook is something I don’t see in any other farming group. The members are in with skin in the game, so to speak and are very committed and active. It also looks like I got myself a farm sitting position here…

I highly recommend the Farm Like A Hero Experience!



I have been following Richard Perkins for about 4 months with my search to re-enter agriculture after a 12 year break.

Richard’s videos have been inspiring me to use regenerative techniques to grow food full of nutrients and in a way which builds a healthy ecosystem around the farm.

The farm like a hero experience has continued to inspire with long form Q and A videos, a private Facebook community and access to a mini course to help develop your wholeistic context.

Yet again Richard continues to inspire everyday people through the Farm Like A Hero Experience.



I have just entered this experience and working on my initial shyness to take advantage of opportunities that this place has to offer.

It seems that these people have decided to take steps in order to build this community and really work on things that they think need to be done. Right now it looks like a lush table filed with offerings to be taken.

If you are still out there wondering if you should be a part of something and have an affinity to regenerative and green practices i would say: “take the leap”.



Real-life story telling, encouraging, and offering a different set of tools compared to the “how to” courses available. I am really grateful for this format of interviews, without the visual distraction of a video farm walkabout.

The interviews with regenag practitioners offer different perspectives of what is possible and already happening, on a business footing. Best things for me:

1) Some comments emerge, almost in the margins, that give much food for thought. Not sure if a video would have afforded the same kind of conversation.

2) Seeing where people in Europe are practicing, and what locality and business specific issues they encounter. Can save a lot of time and painful learning!

3) The figures!

4) Extremely useful: The files are downloadable for listening offline. Perfect listening when engaged in a manual task.

These lived examples give hope and are a welcome relief from listening to the news. This is healthcare!

Many thanks to all the growers, Richard, Manja, and others behind the scenes.



Beyond the interesting content of the interviews, the great value I see in the Hero Experience is connecting with a community of like-minded people and their own journey in this exciting adventure.

It is also great to see so many young people fired up by the prospect of creating a new future for agriculture!



I think we have a planet to save and a need to find new ways to thrive in our post-pandemic reality. Permaculture can be an important part of the solution.

Farm like a hero is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals to learn and grow together. I was a bit nervous as a hobby gardener in middle years wondering how to incorporate some of these ideas into my now and future. But it seems an inclusive space with room for people of all ages and cultures on various stages of their journey.

I highly recommend it.