In this unique interview series by Richard Perkins, 60+ of Europe’s best up-and-coming regenerative farmers offer you a shortcut to success by sharing their insight into growing epic food and making a good living from it.





Richard’s Farm Like A Hero series is by far the best regenerative farming resource I have come across and should be considered a critical and culturally relevant resource for both the established and aspiring regenerative farmer.

The series as a whole leaves one with an incredibly optimistic outlook for the future and a feeling that a massive shift to regenerative smallholding is brewing.

Bang for buck, the series is incredible value for money given the sheer number of episodes, all brimming with diverse insights from inspirational farmers, their backgrounds, cultures, struggles and ultimately the consistent joy that pervades each and every hero interviewed.

Richard should be very proud of this series. I really hope to see more in future.



It’s a lot…and that is wonderful! The sheer amount of content and ideas has led me to approach this like a master class that I need to schedule time for.

There are many people on YouTube who share ideas about gardening and farming but sorting good content from the bad can be exhausting.

This access to a list of interviews curated by Richard is absolutely worth every cent. I have so many ideas already that I want to put into action that will help me become a better farm business owner!



Farm Like A Hero has been uniquely valuable to me because it offers a deeper understanding, not only of farming techniques and business models, but of the thought process behind these inspiring people.

Though I’m a fairly new resident to Europe, getting to hear about the journeys and challenges that so many farmers around this continent have gone through to build their regenerative farming businesses has helped me to understand the context here like no other resource I’ve come across.

I would recommend this to anyone looking to gain a realistic and varied understanding of the people and farms behind the most inspiring movement in modern European agriculture.



Farm Like A Hero was a rich and broadening experience.

The creative ideas, the ingenuity and the refinement of working systems developed by the dynamic and passionate people interviewed was inspiring and highly educational. I am so thankful that this wealth of knowledge and experience is going to continue to be available to me.

There is so much information that it warrants looking back and imagining how you could possibly implement these ideas and systems to work for you. I was not able to watch all of the interviews, so I am deeply grateful that I will continue to have access to these interviews as my circumstances and needs change.

Thank you for all the hard work you do.



As someone trying to get into farming, it’s so useful to see the massive range of farming and marketing models and hear the detail of how each works. You can start to see how different ideas will work in your context.

We already knew that Richard was an amazing communicator, but this seems such a natural format for him and he excels in getting out the critical info in a listenable format.



Only by working on a farm in person – whether volunteering, as an intern or as an employee – can one really learn from actual, personal experience. Farm like a Hero is the closest thing to this that exists.

It is a goldmine! The ability to mine the experience of so many farmers in one place and time is invaluable.

You can investigate just those that do exactly what you do (or want to do) or you can expand your horizons to the full extent of the agricultural world. You pick your goal.

A great learning experience! I have grown so much. Thank you, Richard.



As an aspiring new farmer, with little money or experience, I found Farm Like a Hero an invaluable resource.

Not only for the practical tips on organisation, tools, websites, online communities etc. and not just as a way of finding out about interesting projects round Europe (though both of these factors are in themselves fantastic), but also for the concrete evidence that people from a range of backgrounds, experience levels, and a range of financial resources, were able to find their way in this challenging but rewarding field.



Farm Like a Hero has been a truly inspirational humane experience, drawing on a wealth of real life experience presented in a no nonsense down-to-earth fashion, with all the nuts and bolts. Honestly, the future of regenerative agriculture is now.

This audio / video experience is a life changer and I can only beg Richard to continue to innovate and educate. Please break new ground as often as you can!



I’ve been following the episodes almost every week. Even if I myself have very specific conditions here up north, I can imagine that these stories have been helping interested people all over Europe.

These stories give beneficial information in the total process about how to become a successful actor in this field. It gives support to solve almost every problem that could possibly arrive. You feel you are a part of a big network of heroes.

I think the work you have done will make the establishment of new growers all around our continent easier. Thank you for this enormous work. The future will thank you, Richard.



I think we have a planet to save and a need to find new ways to thrive in our post-pandemic reality. Permaculture can be an important part of the solution.

Farm Like a Hero is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals to learn and grow together. I was a bit nervous as a hobby gardener in middle years wondering how to incorporate some of these ideas into my now and future. But it seems an inclusive space with room for people of all ages and cultures on various stages of their journey.

I highly recommend it.



Another outstanding source of knowledge created by Richard.

By listening to such a diversity of farmers, their hero stories, their struggles, discussing financials, hearing about their tips and tricks, we got a ridiculous amount of ideas and warnings alike.

Thanks to Richard’s moderation the information is absorbable and we will work through our notes to benefit step by step from all the amazing insights.

Thanks for introducing all these heroes!



I jumped at the chance to see what was on offer for Farm Like a Hero – after all, Richard’s channel already offers so much content for free it would have to be good right?

The depth and quality of the videos has galvanized so many ideas and plans for me.

There are so many products and courses online in this space (at least that’s what it seems like), it can be hard to decide where to focus.

Richard’s material – book, and now courses – are so far the only things which I’ve jumped whole hog into, with zero trepidation to start, and zero regrets! It’s honestly great value.



Seeing Ridgedale’s and Richard Perkins’ ideas and concepts applied by a wide range of people to a wide range of situations gives a much deeper appreciation of the validity and value of those ideas and concepts than just watching the Ridgedale videos would, no matter how awesome and valuable those are.

It’s something else altogether to see them applied by actual people who are not Richard, seeing what they took from it and how they adapted it to their situation, and the success they’ve had with them.



I want to thank you, your team, and all the interviewees wholeheartedly for such an extraordinary insight into so many different aspects of regenerative farming.

The FLAH content is invaluable and a powerful learning approach, both on the practical level of how to grow food efficiently and ethically, but also demonstrating the wealth of business and social models, and discussing the time-old challenges of collaborating and sharing lives and spaces with others. It was great that you managed to cover all these aspects.

I am very grateful that you are keeping the videos available, as I know these will prove excellent reference material in future.

I just had an enquiry regarding setting up market gardens to supply food banks, and I could quickly go back to find interesting, relevant models and contacts to share, which gives confidence that it could be doable, so that is fantastic.

I am also very glad that you are making the material more widely available. This is the sort of living example proof which can start to change mindsets – I hope that estate/landowners in particular are able to see how they can help support regenerative enterprises.

Thank you for your, and your team’s, tremendous effort in creating this amazing network and knowledge sharing (and doing!) movement. Very best wishes to you all and have a fantastic Christmas.



I have found it incredibly useful and informative hearing real-life experiences from others a little further ahead down the farming road than me.

Learning is most effective through direct experience, but you can save a load of time, money and energy learning from others’ mistakes.

The Farm Like a Hero content has given me lots of ideas of how to farm better, avoid mistakes that I probably would have made otherwise and given me more confidence that it really is possible to make a decent career out of farming.



I have been listening to a lot of farming related Podcasts and YouTube videos over the last couple of years.

What I like about Richard is that he is focused on “how-to” and special insights like business numbers that is very rare out there.. and now we have 60+ interviews Perkins style… GREAT!

I highly recommend Farm Like A Hero.



Farm Like A Hero builds a map, previously undocumented, of the growing community of thriving Regenerative Agriculture pioneers in many countries of Europe.

The information in the hour-long interviews is of great value because it covers a variety of topics, most related to agriculture but many related to the challenges, and rewards, involved in farming.



Farm Like a Hero is unlike any other regenerative farming podcast I have come across.

With Richard’s guests being former students of his one way or another it is clear that these farmers have an innovative way at running their farm enterprises.

Richard asks in-depth questions about farming and business that you do not hear anywhere else.

Being able to hear from so many farmers allows the listener to learn lessons without having to make certain mistakes for themselves.

Farm Like a Hero makes anyone realise that regenerative farming can be accomplished in so many diverse ecosystems and climate zones, proving that it is possible nearly anywhere!



Real-life story telling, encouraging, and offering a different set of tools compared to the “how to” courses available. I am really grateful for this format of interviews, without the visual distraction of a video farm walkabout.

The interviews with regenag practitioners offer different perspectives of what is possible and already happening, on a business footing. Best things for me:

1) Some comments emerge, almost in the margins, that give much food for thought. Not sure if a video would have afforded the same kind of conversation.

2) Seeing where people in Europe are practicing, and what locality and business specific issues they encounter. Can save a lot of time and painful learning!

3) The figures!

4) Extremely useful: The files are downloadable for listening offline. Perfect listening when engaged in a manual task.

These lived examples give hope and are a welcome relief from listening to the news. This is healthcare!

Many thanks to all the growers, Richard, Manja, and others behind the scenes.



The Farm Like a Hero tour is a intimate experience, diving into the stories and brains of Europe’s innovative and forward-thinking farmers.

There are many ways of doing something and I think this tour captures really well how individual we are as people and how that reflects on how we manage things.

I believe that this project is a milestone to connect not only farmers but also consumers around the world that are deeply concerned about how we produce food and what impact it leaves on the surroundings.

I can definitely recommend it to anyone who is burning to hear stories of what it feels like setting up a successful business in agriculture.



What started out as a cheap summer ”excursion” turned into the start of a new journey.

With COVID recommendations I knew I would be spending most of my summer working from home. When I first heard about FLAH I joined right away.

For the next 26 weeks I travelled virtually through Europe and learnt about amazing people doing amazing things.

I think you remained fresh the whole time and wonder if you would have been stretched too thin to deliver as well as you did if you were doing videos and travelling.

I wish there was more diversity in age, of course being over 50. I think there is a lot potential there.

FLAH has given me the courage to start my own journey. Time will tell if it is small steps or big leaps.

Thank you again for the great series and keeping it available in the future.



It was very useful to hear the stories of other regenerative farmers around Europe, both in fields where I am already active and in ones that I aspire to get into.

It was also a great feeling to belong to a ”tribe” of farmers that are striving to go beyond organic and are struggling with many of the same challenges as me.

So in short, the series gave me both inspiration and support. I have also already recruited my first intern, thanks to the interview!



I think we have a planet to save and a need to find new ways to thrive in our post-pandemic reality. Permaculture can be an important part of the solution.

Farm Like a Hero is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals to learn and grow together.

I was a bit nervous as a hobby gardener in middle years wondering how to incorporate some of these ideas into my now and future. But it seems an inclusive space with room for people of all ages and cultures on various stages of their journey.

I highly recommend it.



FLAH brings a sense of community and togetherness which is a valuable asset and a source of motivation if one is or is planning to become a regenerative farmer.

Successful farming experiences shared from all over Europe also give us hope that a better world awaits us.



Really interesting to learn about all these successful regenerative farmers in Europe! We don’t hear those voices enough.



I have been following Richard for well over a year and now to have the extra experiences and wealth of knowledge from the Heroes is really special. My only problem is keeping up with all the input!