In this unique interview series by Richard Perkins, 60+ of Europe’s best up-and-coming regenerative farmers offer you a shortcut to success by sharing their insight into growing epic food and making a good living from it.



 Wanna farm like a hero?

Well, if you’re anything like me… of course you do!

I want to repair ecosystems. I want to share epic food with my community. And of course I want to make a decent living doing so.

My guess is that you do, too.

Chances are, though, that if you’re just getting started on the regenerative path, you might be spinning your wheels a bit wondering how to best go about it all.

So, what if you could listen to numerous accounts of how it can be done?

In the Farm Like a Hero series, I introduce you to Europe’s blossoming regenerative agriculture scene through long-form, deep-drill conversations with 60+ of the continent’s best up-and-coming farmers.

I’m convinced that this series has the power to speed up the development of regenerative agriculture in Europe and possibly even beyond.

When I was a young, aspiring farmer myself, I was eager to learn how to farm in a way that respected nature and gave me a wholesome life. I went searching high and low, even traveled around the globe, but finding someone who could show me proved surprisingly difficult.

That’s why I now put so much energy into sharing data and numbers and success stories with others. I want to save you time, money and energy by showing you what works.

Farm Like a Hero offers you a rare opportunity to learn from the hard-earned experiences of those who are paving the way for a new agricultural landscape.

These farmers have big hearts, strong minds and diligent hands, and they’re making a living from making a difference. In this series, they tell you how.


Here’s what I can tell you from personal experience. Being a first-mover can be a frustrating endeavour. Getting into farming can be flat-out daunting. And starting a business is always challenging.

But in this series you’ll meet people who had no background in farming nor business and yet have been successful. People who got started on limited funds, yet found ways to generate a profit in the first year. People who were the first in their area to farm regeneratively and somehow managed to convince their local community they weren’t mad-hatters.

Know this: now is the perfect time to get into regenerative farming.

The demand for local integrity food is booming, not least due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has shone a light on the consequences of our current food system.

When conventional ag destroys habitats, it forces virus-infected wildlife to interact more closely with humans. When thousands of animals sharing the same genetics are crammed together in animal factories, you get Virus Without Borders. And when you ship stuff around the world, you allow virus to travel to all corners of the globe with unprecedented speed.

These are all issues that regenerative agriculture can help address, so let’s use this crisis as a catalyst for ramping up positive change.

Another reason why now is a great time to become a farmer is the access to innovative tools and methods, not only in the area of farming but also in marketing and sales.

And when you add something like the Farm Like a Hero series to that, you have an immensely advantageous starting point.

This series was designed with one thing in mind: creating momentum for your regenerative project. It’s all about empowering you to move ahead with as much ease and efficiency as possible.


Regenerative farming is not only an incredible powerful and exciting way to make a positive impact in the world. It’s also the basis for a wholesome lifestyle and a sound income.

Small-scale farmers are only going to become more important in their communities, and we’re here to help you succeed. The Farm Like a Hero conversations are honest and full of data and best practices.

If you’re a farmer, they’ll help you discover new ways to up your regenerative farming game and thrive in these challenging times with creative strategies.

And if you’re wanting to get into regenerative farming, they’ll be a cornucopia of inspiration and strategies for getting started smart.

The people in this series have created a life for themselves that has them excited to get up in the morning, knowing that they’re restoring ecosystems and producing nourishing food for their community. They’ve found meaning and autonomy by becoming small business owners that do good for a living.



But perhaps in a sense more than ever. We’re living in truly unprecedented times, and the world needs more regenerative farmers. If you’ve been on the fence about becoming one yourself, or if you’re wanting to pivot your existing farming business, this series might just be what you need to finally go for your dream.

about richard

Richard Perkins is an innovative farmer and internationally regarded leader in Regenerative Agriculture. He’s the author of the acclaimed manual Regenerative Agriculture and the co-owner of Ridgedale Farm. He’s worked professionally in every major climate zone across several continents consulting to farms and industry and has taught thousands of students, many of whom are now successfully replicating the methodologies he’s been promoting around the globe.



No. Whilst the interviews all take place in Europe and will therefore naturally revolve around European standards, pricing, legislation etc., many methods and strategies can be applied or adapted to a non-European setting.


No. The focus will be on cool and cold climate farming, so it’s up to you to decide whether that’s interesting to you.


No. Farm Like a Hero was created with both farmers and aspiring farmers in mind, but is relevant to anyone interested in regenerative agriculture. If you’re a farmer, the series will help you discover new ways to up your regenerative farming game and thrive in these challenging times with creative strategies. If you want to get into regenerative farming, the series will be a cornucopia of inspiration and strategies for getting started smart. And if you’re just drawn to farm life and/or regenerative agriculture, you’re likely to love it, too.